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AC Maintenance can be very beneficial! Because of your busy lifestyle, you probably have forgotten that your AC unit needs to undergo maintenance right now. How long has it been? Do you know the recommendations about having regular AC Maintenance to preserve your unit?

Not everyone is aware of this, in fact, most people are oblivious to the fact that you can prolong the life of your AC unit by performing regular AC maintenance. As your local and trusted AC Company in Boynton Beach, we can discuss these requirements with you.

Why Should You Have Regular AC Maintenance?

  • It Improves Your AC’s Performance – When your AC is clogged and its inner components are no longer at its prime, your unit will have a more difficult time doing its job. You basically will not get what you pay for.
  • It Can Help You Conserve Energy – When your AC is having difficulty performing, it will require more energy just to reach the level that you are comfortable with. If maintained, your AC unit will find it easier to perform, thus, using less energy.
  • It Can Prolong the Life of Your AC Unit – Regular AC Maintenance will allow you to see the damages that your unit has been trying to sustain this whole time. As such, you get to prevent worse problems by having these issues resolved immediately. AC units are not cheap, and it’s always advantageous to have them work for the longest period of time.

The Services We Provide

AC Maintenance is a very sensitive task. If you are considering doing it yourself, imagine the time you are going to spend trying to do the necessary procedures. A mistake may cause irrevocable damages, as well. Allow us at Boynton Air Conditioning to offer our services:

  • Check-Up – Before we subject your unit to AC maintenance, we will first perform a check-up first to see what areas of your unit need the most attention. This is also how we will assess what your unit needs so we can provide proper maintenance.
  • AC Tune-Ups – For tune-ups, we offer several services such as inspection of wiring, capacitors, and services to other inner components of your AC. We also inspect the coolant levels and pressure to check if your AC unit is working at its highest capabilities. Other safety checks are performed to ensure that your unit does not pose any danger.
  • AC Filters – Clean filters make it easier for your unit to run efficiently. You can do the regular replacement yourself, which is advisable for AC owners, but preliminary check-ups can be left to us. We can also recommend what kind of filters you will need for better performance.


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