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You may have reached that point where your AC decides to not function as intended. If the weather is cold and you think you can still wait, then that’s good. But others are not so lucky, especially down here in South Florida. There are times that the AC units break just when it is needed the most.

As a very reputable and trusted air conditioning company, we provide all AC repairs for issues that plague a household. We understand these problems, and our team of highly-skilled technicians do the job for you to resolve all your worries.

Common AC Problems

There are so many things that could happen to your AC, but the following are a few of the most common AC problems that you are probably experiencing right now:

  • Sensor Problems – Sensors are important because it signals your unit to adjust based on the temperature of the room. If you have a faulty sensor, your AC unit will have to readjust its thermostat to a temperature that is inaccurate, causing either a drastic increase or decrease in temperature, both of which are uncomfortable.
  • Drainage Problems – There are various reasons for drainage problems. Sometimes, drainage problems are caused by a drastic change in temperature. What we do when we fix this is to ensure that your AC has adequate drainage and that it flows freely.
  • Refrigerant Leaks – A refrigerant is an important fluid that AC units need to work. Occasionally your AC may be low on this, but there are times that your AC suddenly experiences refrigerant leaks either from wear and tear or from improper installation. This occurrence does not only make your AC less useful, but it can also harm the environment.
  • Electronic Failure – Electronic failure happens usually due to wear and tear or perhaps you haven’t been subjecting your AC unit to regular maintenance. There are times that cords inside your AC will corrode and electrical connections will become faulty.

The Repair Process

After reaching out to us, we perform a quality AC check-up to see the exact issues and plan accordingly for your AC repair. There are times that only one problem will arise and can be resolved immediately. But sometimes, because there are already several problems, the situation may be more complicated. As such, a good proper look at your unit is absolutely necessary. We will then set a schedule with you for your availability and preferred date of the repair. Rest assured that the equipment and process that we use and implement are of the highest quality and industry standards.


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